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Founded in 2004, Joint Research and Development, LLC began as a visionary startup focused on providing innovative solutions to complex challenges in national security and technology development. Over the years, our commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of client needs have driven our growth and expansion. Today, JRAD stands as a recognized leader in the fields of test and evaluation, medical & health services, and science and technology support, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to enhance the capabilities of the U.S. Federal Government.


2004 - Establishment and Early Vision

2004 – Establishment and Early Vision

JRAD was founded with the mission to bring unbiased cutting-edge scientific and technical expertise to solve some of the most challenging problems faced by the Federal Government. From the outset, our focus was on developing robust solutions that combined innovation and technical excellence.

2010 - Expansion of Services

2010 – Expansion of Services

By 2010, JRAD had significantly expanded its service offerings, particularly in test and evaluation and medical research. This period marked significant partnerships and the beginning of long-term collaborations with key government agencies, setting a foundation for future growth.

2015 - Recognition and Growth

2015 – Recognition and Growth

Mid-decade, JRAD received numerous awards for our contributions to science and technology, cementing our reputation as industry leaders. We also grew in size, adding new talents and expanding our capabilities to include more advanced technological solutions.

2023 – Acquisition and New Horizons

In a landmark development, JRAD was acquired by Sayres & Associates, opening up new avenues for expansion and innovation. This strategic move enhanced our capabilities and allowed us to offer a broader range of services, further driving our mission to support national security and technological advancement.

2025 - Looking to the Future

2025 – Looking to the Future

As we look to the future, JRAD continues to innovate and adapt in an ever-evolving marketplace. With a focus on sustainable solutions and the integration of AI and machine learning into our processes, we are poised to continue leading the way in addressing the complex challenges of tomorrow.

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