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Joint Research and Development Acquires Global Systems Technologies

With this acquisition, GST becomes the third company in Broadtree Partners’ GovCon platform, joining Sayres and Associates (Sayres) and JRAD…

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Broadtree Partners Acquires Joint Research and Development for GovCon Platform Business

With this acquisition, JRAD becomes the second company in Broadtree’s GovCon platform, joining Sayres Defense, a leading provider of systems engineering and mission support services to…

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Dr. Svetlana “Lana” Hopkins

Dr. Svetlana “Lana” Hopkins, senior scientist and subject matter expert at JRAD, was recently awarded the Major General Harold J. “Harry” Greene Awards for Acquisition Writing for the publication “Technologically Advanced Response System to High Consequential Biological Threats.” Dr. Hopkins co-authored the article with Dr. Christopher G. Earnhart, Chief Technology Officer at the JPEO-CBRND’s JPL CBRND EB.

Their article successfully explained the tremendous impact that an infectious disease, and to a greater extent a biowarfare attack, can have on Warfighter operational availability and survivability. The article laid out the importance of the JPL CBRND EB’s mission and the value that the entire Chem Bio Defense Program brings to the nation’s Defense Department.

Dr. Shanmuga Sozhamannan

Dr. Shanmuga Sozhamannan, senior scientist and subject matter expert at JRAD, was recently awarded 1st Prize for a presentation poster at the Medical Biodefense Conference held in Munich Germany.

The Scientific Advisory Board recognized Dr. Sozhamannan for his outstanding work on the genetic evidence for the interaction between bacillus anthracis encoded phage receptors and their cognate phage encoded receptor binding proteins.